Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to my first "official" blog posting. I am very new to blogging so I hope all of you bear with me.  Thank you for visiting. My plans for this blog are to bring all of you great articles, information, how to's, what I have been doing, what is going on in the world, etc. I also have a section on the left hand side of the blog where I will be featuring recipes from all over. I am calling it the "Recipe Exchange" so if you have a recipe you want to contribute please email me with it and I will be glad to post it.

A little about myself.....I live in Alaska with my husband and two dogs. I have 2 wonderful children and 4 fantastic grandchildren(yes I am prejudice towards them). I retired about 1 1/2 years ago from 40+ years of working in finance (my brain hurt!) and decided after so many years of working I was having a hard time "shutting down".  I have been an avid sewer and quilter for many years and for several years had my creations in craft malls and also did craft shows. I decided to "occupy" my idle time with starting my own website and open an Etsy shop. This has been an incredible experience I must say. I have had to learn so much "techy" stuff that I go cross-eyed at times. The "social media" was so far over my head I couldn't even think anymore, but somehow with the grace of God, I managed to get through it. I have met many very nice "cyberfriends" in the journey.

I wanted to start this blog as I feel the Facebook, Twitter, etc realm is so busy and crowded that many postings get lost and I felt I couldn't get everything I wanted to share with all of my followers in that little 140 characters of Twitter and massiveness of Facebook. Starting a blog gives me the opportunity to share much more with my followers and hopefully exchange many ideas with all of you. I hope to have fun on this site and I hope all of you do follow me and enjoy what I share with you.

If you follow me by email you will get all the latest and greatest updates as they come along so please sign up at the left of the page. You also can join by Google Friend Connect down below. I know all of our time is so used up with so much of the hustle and bustle of life that I hope you have time to join me on this blogging journey.

This is my sewing room. Actually it is cleaned up for this picture. This is the picture I used for my new Facebook timeline. This is the little machine I use for some of my sewing. I do have a Husqvarna Viking for my embroidery and quilting.


  1. Wow, I've never had a sewing room that tidy! Actually, my sewing machine is in my family room because my spare bedroom is filled with fabric, supplies, and finished etsy inventory. Congratulations on your first blog. Nice job.

  2. You did an amazing job getting this blog going. Now i have to go organize my sewing room, yours is so neat!!

  3. Well done! I have like your new blog. Lots of details, like links to your other sites. Keep it up!


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