Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well it has certainly been a busy summer for me so far. As you all know I had been doing two local markets a week. I must say it definitely kept me hopping trying to keep up with replenishing what we had sold. The Wednesday market is now over so I am down to only the Saturday market. It is nice not to be so pushed all week long. I did pretty well at the Wednesday market and since this was my first year doing it I can say it was worth doing. The biggest seller was my husband’s cutting boards and my potholders. What is really nice is to think that people are willing to spend their hard earned money on something that we make. Makes us feel pretty good. My Alaska potholders have been doing really well and I also embroider Alaska designs on denim shirts that the tourists really buy. These are the fabric prints of a couple of the potholder designs I have done. I hand stitch Alaska on them. People seem to like it that they are handmade and hand stitched.  

My husband’s boards have really sold well. There have been several days that I sell every one that I took with me. Kept him really busy trying to make more.

 Well now that I have a little more time before the fall and holiday crunch I can get busy on doing some quilts that I have been wanting to get to, but just haven’t had the time. I have sooooooo many ideas rattling around in this empty head of mine that I want to do. I was reading an article the other day and came across the “Ten Commandments of Quilting” that I thought I would share with you.

Thou shalt not do buttons
Thou shalt sew quarter inch seams
Thou shalt leave no bolt unturned
Thou shalt not rip – only unsew
Thou shalt not envy thy neighbor’s stitches
Thou shalt never pass a quilt shop
Thou shalt cook and clean but once a week
  Thou shalt never quilt tomorrow what you can quilt today
Thou shalt not covert they neighbor’s stash
Thou shalt not reveal funds spent on quilting supplies.

I think I should live by this. What do you think? I especially like the one that I should never pass a quilt shop…….ya……that sounds good. J

Now that I am not so crunched for time I will get back on track with my blog here. Or at least that is my plan.

I have several new recipes that I have been storing up to share with you so please take a look at them.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of the week. J


  1. Your husband's boards are gorgeous - no wonder they've sold well!

  2. Thanks. Yep they have really sold well. They are all one-of-a-kind so I think that also makes them unique. :)

  3. The quilting commandments brought a smile to my face. Especially never passing a quilting shop. The words ..I won't be two minutes.. as I enter the store are well known ! I have been making a recipe similar to your apple one that I found when I used to live in California, and still make it. Delicious with
    cream, or ice cream.

  4. So glad your potholders are selling well! And I love your 10 Commandments. Enjoy the rest of August and all it has to bring us.

  5. THE BEST! I love the 10 Commandments! I'd like to be able to use that on our QQQ Team's Blog.. would you mind?



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