Wednesday, January 23, 2013


About fifteen years ago I was reading an article in the Guidepost magazine about a program that was being started to knit and crochet sweaters for kids in need around the world. At the time I was still knee deep in working and raising kids so I thought…hmmm….I would like to do this “someday” when I have time. Well “someday” came about ten years ago when the kids all married and left home. I was still working at the time, but I love to sit in the evenings in “my chair” and sew and crochet so I thought hey I can start doing this now. Sometimes I do a lot of sweaters and sometimes I take a break. I am now up to about 60 sweater’s.

At the beginning I sent them to Guidepost, but it became such a big program that they couldn’t handle it anymore so now I send them to World Vision and they send them all over the world. What is really nice is that they let you know a few places your sweaters may be going. It is amazing to think that my little sweater I made is being worn by some little kid in Rwanda or Russia or etc…..

Knits for Kids

They give you the pattern, but you can make your own design. I use the one they give you. I guess I have been doing it so long that I don't even need instructions so why change. The sweater is done in two sides. I crochet them(could never figure out the two needles in knitting so I have always crocheted). This is one of the sides I am working on.
Knits for Kids
This is one of the finished sides that I did.
Knits for Kids
Then you just connect the two sides together and you have the sweater. This is one of the finished one's I have done. :)

This program is amazing as there have been over hundreds of thousands of sweaters made to date. It is just wonderful.
I just thought I would share this with you. :)


If you are interested in learning more about this program their website is here




  1. That is great Colleen, what a wonderful thing to do. I will checkout the website.

  2. Hi Colleen,
    What an awesome thing to do! I tried to crochet and knit and I was dismal failure. My grands use to knit and crochet up a storm. They both tried to teach me, but I think I broke them, they gave up. Bless their sweet hearts!
    What a wonderful thing you are doing!!

  3. That's so nice, Colleen! This little sweater is cute! Keep up the good work~


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