Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So I hear the the Google RSS feed is going away in June. Well since I didn't use it and do not know too much about it I guess I am lost on that subject. But that got me to thinking....I wonder how everyone that follows me actually sees my blog....hmmmmm......? So I had heard about Bloglovin and thought that maybe some of you would like to be able to follow me that way. So I headed on over there and got signed up, got the little logo to put on my left sidebar and you can follow me that way also.

Today is the first day of spring at my house as you can see right here. What is it like at your house today? Spring is suppose to mean crocuses and daffodils and warmth everywhere. Well as you can see I am far from there today.

snow picture

I thought I had a few months still to get my products made for my summer market season that starts in May. Well I got a call from the coordinator that runs the market and they are having a spring market this year in April and I was invited to show there. I was very happy as it is by invitation only. One problem tho.......I procrastinated at the first of the year so now I am in "hyper-speed" to get things done!! Of usual!!

Every year I try to come up with new items for the markets and this year one of my new items are coffee cozies. My son gave me the idea of making these. He was at Starbuck's one day and a lady pulled her own cozy out of her purse and he thought....hey, mom can make those! I thought hey that would be great for the tourist we get here if I make them with Alaska on them. Most of the tourist we sell too love to have Alaska on everything. I made some without Alaska in case they don't want that on them and for the local people. The locals drink a lot of coffee up here as we have drive-thru espresso everywhere! They are on every corner!

Here is the basket full of the one's I have made so far.
coffee cozies
A few of them "on display"
coffee cozies
I still have to do the one's with Alaska on them. I will take a picture of them when they are done. I think next week I will have a tutorial on how to make these for you so stay tuned. I will have to put it together when I do the other one's.
Well hope you all have a great first day of spring. I know I will as I go for my "spring" walk and it is 6 degrees out right now!
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  1. Just last night I joined or subscribed to Bloglovin. So far, so good. I like it because I also got the app for my Iphone and now I can read blogs on my phone at lunchtime! Yeah. Good luck with your April show. ~Ann

  2. are a ways from Spring!!! Brrr.

    Love the little cozies. They will come in handy too.

  3. Following you on Bloglovin Colleen and I have to say I love it, getting a daily digest of all the blogs I follow and their new posts is great! Your coffee cozies are too cute, I'm sure they will sell like hotcakes!


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