Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do you spring clean? I do to an extent I guess. I have good intentions, but then the spring gets away from me and it is summer time and then that is play time, so needless to say the “spring” cleaning doesn’t get done. According to the top three areas people clean is the kitchen, bathroom and floors. There are several good tips and I am sure most of you already know them, but there are a couple of new one’s. I thought you might like to read them.
As one of the busiest rooms in the house, the kitchen gets cleaned frequently, but there are some areas that may need a little more TLC.
kitchen cleaning

To clean the inside of the microwave, bring two cups of water to a boil in the microwave. Keep the door closed and let the water sit for a few minutes. The steam will loosen dried on food particles making it easier to wipe them away. For a fresh scent drop a slice or two of lemon in the water before boiling.
Keeping the sink, counters and appliances clean and sanitized is fast and easy with a product such as Kitchen Windex Touch-Up Cleaner. Put on paper towel or sponge and you can wipe away 99.9 percent of common household bacteria. When you clean the sink, make sure to get behind the faucet and around the seals using an old toothbrush.
Don’t forget to clean the outside of the refrigerator and freezer. And keep the inside of the refrigerator smelling fresh with an open box of baking soda.
From make-up spills and toothpaste smudges to mildew and everything in-between, the bathroom needs touching-up on a daily basis.
bathroom cleaning

To keep the counter clean of little messes and smudges, use an antibacterial product and dab the cleaner onto a rag and wipe down the counter, faucet and any other hard, non-porous surfaces to clean and sanitize quickly.
To get rid of soap scum, clean the tub and shower with a foaming cleanser that does most of the work for you and simply rinse it off. Wash shower curtains and liners according to label instructions. To help prevent soap scum buildup in the future, try switching to a liquid shower gel. Bar soaps have binders that are a primary cause of soapy residue.
Combination mold and mildew cleaners can make fast work of those deep messes. Spray where needed and rinse off. Be sure the bathroom is well ventilated before spraying them. To discourage mildew be sure to use the bathroom fan during shower and 30 minutes after.
I liked the advice about using gel soap instead of bar soap. I didn’t know that bar soap was the cause of the scum. Hmmmm….learn something new every day.
Floors are always such a mess in my house with two dogs running in and out of the house all the time. I always feel so much better when they are all scrubbed and clean. Here are some cleaning tips for floors. I am sure we all know what we should do, but how many of us actually do this…….NOT ME. :)

If you have the time and money to rent and use a carpet cleaner, spring cleaning is the time to do it. If not, target stains with a carpet cleaner and give all your carpets a good vacuuming. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and rugs to absorb odors.
Steam mops are a great way to quickly clean multiple flooring surfaces without a mop and bucket. You can do a whole room in just a few minutes.
A lot of dirt and dust in a home is brought inside on the soles of your shoes. To keep carpets and flooring clean, place doormats inside and outside each entrance and always take your shoes off when coming in the house.
Wiping floorboards of dust and dirt is often overlooked and makes a big difference in the appearance of your home.
So now that all of us know what we “should” be doing in our spring cleaning how many of us are going to rush right into getting all of this done.
So the question is…….are you going to spring clean this year?  I will start………..probably not to this extent……too busy thinking about getting the garden going. J

Have fun in your spring cleaning!!  Don't forget to check out the new recipe. Thanks for joining me. :)


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  1. Perfect timing....I just started today an did 2 bedrooms, I planned on doing the other two tomorrow, but I am so sore from all that today, I may have to take tomorrow off. I decided to start with the bedrooms, then the sewing room,family room, and living room, then to the dreaded kitchen and bathroom. I just hope the weather stays nice, that's the only reason I got the energy to begin with


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