Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I always like to read all the stories from and thought I would pass this one on to you. I liked it.

Through my wisdom years, I have noticed that life's events seem to fall into natural Seasons of Life.

There are times we feel like standing tall and blossoming. We have a plan, we can see with patience and perseverance the plan will work out.

There is also a Season of Quite, a time when life appears to be dormant, we get a little uncomfortable. We don't know what will come next. I wonder if the acorn knows its true strength and the grandeur of a mature might oak tree?

The fun and exciting season is like sitting on a porch in a  rocking chair sipping sun-tea. Everything is easy, life is merrily rolling along!. We are humming a tune, smiling, grateful for all the good that has come to us. It is a great ride on the road to happiness and we don't want it to end.

However, because change is inevitable and we actually like growth in our daily lives; change occurs and we find ourselves moving into another Season of Life. We learn, we grow, make new decisions and plans, and the cycle of seasons continues.
Name the season you are in....It will bring you comfort and it will give you a realization that life has many seasons.
Enjoy the journey called LIFE.
I thought this was really nice. Makes you think about how life does have changes and ups and downs, but in the is a great life! Thanks for joining me. :)

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