Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Quilting is my first love when it comes to sewing. I loooooooove to quilt. So for all of you quilters out there here is a question for you.....when do you quilt?


When you're watching a good movie.
When you're reading a good book.
When you're having a picnic.
When you're sipping red wine (or hot cocoa!) by the fire.
When you're telling ghost stories.
When you're building a fort in the living room.
When the kids are finally in bed.
When it's cold outside.
When you're tired.
When you're sick.
When you've been caught in the rain.
When you finally have time to relax.

These are when some people quilt. I actually do hand piecing when I am riding (not driving!) in the car going somewhere...keeps me from falling asleep. :)

So when do you quilt.......................?????


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