Monday, June 29, 2015

Oil Spray For Your Garden Pest Control

Can you believe it...June is already over. I can't believe how fast the summers go! Up here in the north country we have had our longest day with the most sun and now are heading back down into the dark of December. :( :(  For a few weeks we will only loose a few seconds a day, but then in a couple of months we will be loosing 5 minutes a day. Boo!Hoo!

Enough of that depressing stuff...your gardens should really be going good by now. My flowers are looking pretty good this year I may say so myself. Unfortunately, with gardens along comes the garden pest. Yuck.

So with that is another recipe for a spray that is made from an oil to control those pesky garden pests.....

bug spray

What you will need:

Neem oil - 1 ounce

Water - 1 gallon

Dish soap - 4 to 6 drops

How to make it:

Mix Neem oil, water and dish soap together in a spray container, stir or shake well. As a preventative, spray the Neem oil solution on the ground after you have planted the seeds, but once the plants have emerged and are growing spray the oil solution on and around the plants every month. To prevent leaf burns do not apply the solution to the plants until after sunset or while grown lights are on .

Sounds easy peasy to me. I don't have many garden pests up here....the biggest pests I have are all the little baby birds that just LOVEEEEEE my flowers and love to peck at them all the time. I can't have any small little flowers as the babies just peck them to death so I have to just have pansies and petunias. LOL! :)  That is ok because I love all my little baby birds. :)

So get that spray going for all those pests and happy gardening!

Have a great day!

Colleen :)

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  1. Hi Coleen, I thought I left a comment but looks like it got lost when I signed in. I am going to try your bug spray. I got into essential oils about two years ago, and I have to say the Neem oil just smells horribly nasty. I don't even remember why I ordered it to begin with. Hopefully the bugs will find it offensive too.


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