Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Fabrics

Well I have been busy adding new fabrics to the shop and I thought I would show you some of what I have found. I just love looking for fabics with all the wonderful colors they have now. I have been on the hunt for different Fall and Christmas fabrics. I think I have a good selection of pumpkins and fall themed fabric and of course Halloween. Also, some beautiful Christmas fabrics with of course..snowmen! Just love those snowmen!

So if you have a chance come on over and look when you have a chance. You can find me right here.

I just love all the pumpkins on this one. It makes it so whimsical. 

fall fabric

Definitely have to have scarecrows in the fall!

pumpkin fabric

I have this cute Halloween fabric in fat quarters. Several people have bought these to make trick or treat bags. :)

Halloween fabric

This fabric makes me think of an old fashioned Christmas. I have several fabrics that look old fashioned and Victorian. 

Christmas fabric

Then of course what is Christmas without snowmen! I just love snowmen. I have a couple of snowmen fabrics.


So if you need some holiday fabric please come visit My Store and see what I have. Thanks!

Have fun sewing!

Colleen :)

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