Thursday, May 17, 2012


So, I decided to add something new to my shops and it has nothing to do with sewing. Actually it is my husband’s handy work.  He loves working in his wood shop and over the years he has built lots of custom furniture and log furniture. Well I do the summer markets locally (which are two a week!) and I wanted him to try to make something that I could have to help fill up my booth space. We were at a large craft show one day and there were cutting boards there and I told him he needed to make those for my booth.
So as usual he just whips something up that turns out great! I started selling them at the end of the summer markets and then on into the fall and Christmas shows and couldn’t keep enough on the table. I was usually sold out within an hour or two of the show opening. I would call him and tell him “get busy we sold out and we need more”. They do take a while to make as there are several steps to them. Everyone he makes is a one of a kind and different design. We have had customers tell us that they are great for serving boards while entertaining or they are too pretty to use and just display them.

 Well I was thinking about adding new items to my shop and thought why not his boards. Granted they have nothing to do with sewing, but for right now and until I can get him his own store set up (oh no! Mine takes so much time as it is!)  I put them on mine. I will be adding several as time goes as he has 50 made already to get me through the summer market season. So be on the lookout for more to be added to our Etsy shop.

I also think I am going to start a Thursday Treasuries for this blog. There are so many wonderful talented artist on Etsy and I LOVE doing treasuries that I thought I might do that. I found a tool to help me load treasuries on my blog, but haven’t checked it out yet. I will work on it. What do you think? Would that be a good idea?

Well I need to get busy and get to sewing. Don’t forget to check out the new recipe. Have a wonderful day! J


  1. These are fantastic, and another great sounding recipe, I have never tasted rhubarb pie

    1. Love these boards, they are great

      The Dorothy Days (Vintage and Handmade)

  2. Thanks guys. I think they turn out pretty nice, but I am a bit prejudice. :)


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