Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well I got the first week of my summer markets done. The Saturday market was great! Usually this time of year is pretty slow as the tourists have not arrived yet and it is still cold, but we had lots of people there and I did really, really well. Made me happy. J Now Wednesday’s market was a little different. Not very many people and it was COLD. Cloudy and windy. You know how craft shows are when it is cold……..everyone is cold so they are zooming through, not looking at much and hurrying back to their cars. Well that is the way it was. I sold a few items, but not real well. Hopefully this is not a sign of the summer……cold and windy. Those just stink as we have such short summers up here and then we are back into winter. AHHHHH!
This is my booth area. I worked all winter to make products for it. It is amazing how much time it takes to fill up these booths when you have to make everything.

Took my husband’s cutting boards that he makes and they went like wildfire. I sold them at the Christmas shows last year and they were a hit. He made 20 of them and I sold all 20. I told him during the winter that I needed 50 to start the season so it would get me thru the markets and Christmas…….I think I am going to have to increase my order. We sent 12 to our son for his booth and he has sold most of those, put a few on my website, and have sold 8 in just two markets! Looks like he is going to have to get busy.

Today I am pretty tired as my friend (this is her) and I set up our tents by ourselves and we are just getting too old to be doing all this work. Thank goodness hubbies help on Saturday’s.

Well off to get busy making items to re-supply what I sold. Hope it keeps up. Love the sales.

I am also going to start a Tuesday Treasuries on my blog from treasuries I put together from Etsy. I figured out how to post the treasuries I do on my blog so stay tuned for that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be off to the market again. J


  1. Congratulations!
    Markets take a lot of time and effort and when the weather is bad it can make it so much harder. Your stall looks fab from the picture shown - good luck with your other pitches!

  2. Looks like you did well! I have only done one outdoor craft fair last summer. It was, indeed, a lot of work. Without my husband's help, I don't think I could set up the tent and haul in all the 'stuff'. This summer it's not in the works, but I'm planning on a Christmas show right after Thanksgiving. We shall see!

  3. Ahhh. Show season. My first is on Sunday. I love them and don't at the same time. I guess it depends on the crowd. Hope your season is fabulous either way!

  4. Yep...they can be fun and a lot of work. We get a lot of tourist so I do enjoy visiting with everyone and finding out where they are from. Hope you guys have good shows also. :)

  5. Your booth looks great!! You better get dad busy on those cutting boards! He needs to start making them in the shape of Alaska next!! Hahaha! Prayers for a great season!

  6. Haven't done a show in quite some time. TOOOOO much hard work!! Hope it pays off for all of your work you put into it!

  7. I haven't done a show for years... too much travelling on the boat..:-P
    I was wondering though are you allowed to have a brazier or gas heater or outdoor flame .... set up near your' will be warm and draw everyone to your stall and they'll linger awhile :-)
    Just a mad thought.. hope you do well and the weather improves :-) lol

  8. Actually there are people that have heaters. Most of us put on our coats and gloves. The biggest problem is the wind. If it is windy it makes it much colder. If you keep inside your tent then it isn't too bad. The warmer weather should be coming soon or at least warm for Alaska. :)

  9. Nice looking booth!
    Just wanted to say "hello". I'm stopping by via the interactive blog team on Etsy.

  10. Glad that it went so well! Hopefully every week is this good!


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