Monday, July 2, 2012


Whew……finally have a few minutes to catch up with my posting. I have been so busy with doing the 2 markets a week that my poor blog has taken a back seat. Those 2 shows have really kicked my tail. I never imagined it would be so much work to keep up with it. We have been selling really well, which is a good thing, but then we have to go into panic mode to make more products and only 2 days to do it. Luckily the Wednesday market only has 4 more days and then I will be down to just the one on Saturday’s.

My husband’s cutting boards have done really well and my embroidered denim shirts and potholders are selling well also. I have been making so many potholders that I see them in my dreams.
One bad thing tho…..I ordered a shipment of denim shirts 10 days ago and they usually come in about a week. Well they haven’t shown up so I called and of course when I am down to very few shirts left the supplier tells me that they are back logged on shipping so it will be another 10-14 days!!! Sure… of my best selling items and I am almost out! Oh well such is life.

So have you guys been busy so far this summer?

I hope to get back on track with my postings and keeping in contact with all of you. I am posting a new recipe. Sounds like a good for summer.


  1. Wow, it sure sounds like you are busy. I am so happy for all your sales at the markets, I can see why the potholders pictured sell so fast, they are fantastic! It has to be whirlwind for you right now...after it is over, you and hubby go out for a nice, romantic, relaxing dinner.

  2. Agreed! Dinner out sounds like a wonderful treat for such a successful summer! Great job!


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