Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well things have been pretty hectic around here the last week. We had 9 ½ inches of rain in just a couple of days so needless to say our house and area are sitting in a lake! Thanks goodness that when we built the house we elevated it so the water is just in the crawl space. The water just won’t go away. We have large ditches next to our road and all the water filled up the ditches and since the water was running out of the fields from our area and all around us they filled up fast. Now the big problem is down road. I live in a new subdivision and have new roads….the houses down the road don’t and they have no drainage at all…..get the scenario????? Yep, the water all dammed back up on me!!


We can’t get rid of the water in the fields until this water moves on. We called the county to see if they can help move this water and they came to look at it. They will try to think of something they said so that tells us they have more important things to worry about. We have water everywhere. We thought for sure it was going to go in the garage and my husband’s shop so we put everything up on tables including all of his tools. It came within millimeters of getting into it, but thank the Lord it didn’t.

So we have been running pumps in the crawl space 24 hours for 10 days now to keep the water down in there and keep praying for no more rain. The water is going down a little bit each day, but now our concern is winter is coming and all this water will freeze and when spring break up comes along that water will not have anywhere to go but on me again. Yep you got it right…..hubby is off to the hardware store to get a bigger pump!

So that has been my fun this week. I did get some sewing done in-between watching the pumps and trying to figure out how to get rid of this water. I will show you what I was working on next posting. Hope next week is better.
Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the new recipe. Sounds good on these crisp fall days. J




  1. Oh Colleen,
    That is Trauma!! It does look allot like Spring Break up! Hopefully it will ease up but then you have termination dust to look forward too!
    Have tried that recipe and love it!
    Thanks for sharing and stay dry!

  2. Wow Colleen, that does look bad, I sure hope the rain stays away and you get some sun and maybe a little wind to help dry the land

  3. Oh dear :( That sounds really bad Colleen. I hope the rain stays away.

    The Dorothy Days X


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