Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 Well the local market only has one more Saturday and I must say I am glad it will be over. It was a great season, but most of the tourists are gone and it is getting mighty cold sitting there all day. I know most of you have been baking in the heat this year so talking about cold is not in your vocabulary. Up here it is like the calendar says it is August 31st so when you flip the calendar to September the summer goes with it. We are in fall now and the air temperature says so……….brrrrrrr. Was walking yesterday and had to have my sweatshirt and yes……lightweight gloves on!! OH NO….where did summer go!!

 Now that the market is about over I have had a little time to start sewing some different stuff now. I haven’t been able to make anything new since May and I have spent every day replenishing my stock for the markets which is more running my embroidery machine than sewing so I am happy to be able to sew again.  Although I am very grateful for the summer market.  J

 I am starting to gear up on making products for the fall and Christmas shows and I think I am going to make a variety of tote bag and hand bags to go with scarves and lots of other items. Of course, hubby will do his cutting boards.

These are two of the shoulder bags that I made this week. I can put them out pretty fast so I thought I would start with them. What do you think?


 I also have listed quite a few Fall/Autumn pot holders on my websites. I just LOVE fall!! All the colors are just magnificent!! Here are a couple of them:

 So now that I am not so busy with the markets I am going to be posting more often and I am going to be doing Tuesday’s Treasuries (finally figured out how to do it!) and some other fun stuff. I have lots of fall recipes to share with you and some neat decorating articles also. So stay tuned.


Be sure to check out the new recipe I have posted for you. J








  1. Oh, that recipe sounds so good and easy, I might even be able to make this. (:
    The shoulder bags look like a perfect size to carry, when you don't want to lug around a heavy purse and as always, your pot holders are beautiful. You have a great eye for coordinating colors.

  2. Hi, Colleen - is the fabric for the first set of potholders pieced, or did you stitch it together yourself? Looks great! We are having a few leaves turn, too. Just not fair, since summer always seems to be way too short. Have fun making your Fall and Christmas items!

  3. Oh my, that cold already?! I wished it were summer a little longer... But fall and winter do have some plus points, too ;)

  4. I must say, I do feel for you. I hate the cold. I suppose that's why we live on a boat and chase summer around LOL. I just love your pot holders and bags. Have you got anything with a Halloween design to submit on this months 'October Contest'?
    Thanks for your comment about my new design, on my blog!
    Keep well and chat soon.

  5. The potholders are too cute. I really love the purses! I'm in the process of designing one now. I'm so picky about my purses so I figure that I'll make one that fits all my needs!


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