Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas is upon us and that means for many of us we will be decorating our homes for the season. I don’t do as much decorating as I have in the past. With the kids and grandkids living down in the lower 48 we really don’t have a reason to do too much decorating. I still do put lights out on the house and put a few items in the house. That is ok to just keep it simple.

But for those of you that do like to do a lot of decorating, I read this article the other day and it has some wonderful ideas for decorating with a primitive/folk art/country theme.

 Here are some of the suggestions:


            There are many ways to incorporate fresh greenery into your displays. Cut sprigs of evergreen and add to trenchers, bowls, baskets, and crocks.


            The wreath has an important place in the history of Christmas. The circle shape of the wreath is made to represent Christ’s eternal love, strength and the creation of new life. Evergreens are commonly used in the construction of the wreath. Try using fresh herbs, pinecones or dried apples instead. They will add primitive country charm to your home.


            Popcorn and cranberry garlands are fun and easy to make. They will also give your tree old-time charm. Make a few extra garlands to hang outside for your feathered friends.


            Use what you have around your home to create themed trees. Tie homespun fabric or jute onto small cookie cutters and hang on a small tree in the kitchen. Use small clothespins to clip vintage photos to branches to create a memory tree. Use your imagination to create one-of-a-kind trees in your home. Forget about the tree skirt….place your tree in a galvanized tub, wooden crate or crock instead. This will give you more of a primitive look.


            During colonial times, the colonists used fruits, such as pineapples, pears and apples in displays, wreaths and garlands. Place a few apples, pears and nuts in a bowl and tuck in a few greens. Line three pears in a windowsill and add a few sprigs of fresh greens. Remember, less is more! Simple decorations are often as effective as those more elaborate.


            Add a special touch to wrapped gifts by adding pine cones and other natural elements such as cinnamon sticks and winterberries. Create a pinecone tree by wiring pinecones onto floral picks and then inserting them on a cone-shaped foam base. Place a jar candle in a wooden bowl and fill the remainder of the bowl with pinecones.

You can give your home a cozy, old-fashioned feel at minimal cost this Christmas by decorating with handmade and natural items.

                                                       Reprinted in part by permission from The Country Register of Minnesota



I like all of these ideas especially the themed trees. That sounds like it would really look neat. I also love pinecones and those ideas are good also. This is one of the ways I use pinecones in my decorating.

And this is the wreath I use outside my front door. It has lights on it so I like that.

So, what is your favorite decorating idea? Post a comment here so we all can get some new ideas. J

Hope you got some ideas from this article. I did. I also have a new Christmas recipe for you under The Recipe Exchange. Hope you have fun decorating!!
Also the Old Farmhouse Gathering team is still having their Spirit of Christmas Celebration so come on over and see everything they have to offer. We have some wonderful gift ideas. Just follow here



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  1. wonderful ideas, I love the look of old time and a simple Christmas, and the recipe sounds really good.


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