Monday, June 24, 2013


Well as usual in the techy world they always seem to want to change things that are working just fine!! I get so frustrated at this!!!! So with Google Reader going away in just a week I wanted to remind all of you that follow me on your Google list this will be going away on July 1st. I have read a lot about this and I am not very techy so it gets a little confusing to me, but I think Bloglovin is a good way to go. A few months ago when I first learned about this happening I added a "Follow Me On Bloglovin" (on my left side bar) button for all of you to be able to continue to follow me. I appreciate all of you that have done this so far. I really don't want to loose any of you faithful followers so I am posting a little tutorial here to help you move all of your blog list to Bloglovin.

You can import the blogs that you follow on Google Friends/Google Reader by going to this page now. Click on Here.

From here you can create an account. You can use Facebook to sign up with, but I am an email person so I use that.

Google Reader to Bloglovin

After you put all your information this screen will come up. Just click on the "Import from Google Reader" button.

 Google Reader to Bloglovin

On this screen click on the "ACCEPT" button.

Google Reader to Bloglovin

Then depending on how many blogs you follow it will only take a moment for this step.

Google Reader to Bloglovin

Then are finished! Easy peasy!! If I can do it all of you can also!! It was very easy so I hope you will continue to follow me and all of your other blogs with Bloglovin. Once you have an account set up you can have your list sent daily to your email, which is what I do, so you can keep up on the great post from all of your blogs. I am sure there are several other sites that you can use to do this I just use Bloglovin as that was recommended to me and it seems very easy to use and I am all about "user friendly"!  :)

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