Monday, June 10, 2013


Did you miss me??? I was gone for a week and you probably didn't even notice me being gone. :)  We took a week off from all the hustle and bustle around here and spent a few days down in Las Vegas. My oh my it was HOT!!! One day it was 111 degrees. I thought us two polar bears from Alaska were going to die!! Did get to visit with my niece and finally meet my little great niece. What a cutie she is. She has had a rough road so far. She was born with a serious heart condition and  has several other issues, but what a trooper she is! Glad to be back home to the cooler weather for sure.

Volcano in front of Mirage Hotel

Well my summer market season has started. Have had a couple of weeks of them and it hasn't been too bad of a start. They weather has been wonderful which is out of the ordinary. Usually it is cold and raining, but we have lucked out....knock on wood it continues.
craft show

Hey guess what??? I have been asked to do guest blog articles for By Your Hands Blog! I am so excited to contribute to this blog. They have some really good posting so I am honored to have been asked. Now I have to come up with some good articles for all the followers. YIKES!! Hope I can do this. :)  Come on over here and join me. :)

by your hands blogspot

Also wanted to let all of you know that the Old Farmhouse Gathering is having an Americana Challenge where you can vote for your favorite shop and you have a chance to win a prize so when you get a chance just hop on over here and check them out.

old farmhouse gathering
Well I better get busy and get to sewing to be ready for the market again this week. Hope everyone has a great week! I have a new recipe for you to check out. Just in time for those summer BBQ's. :)


  1. Hi Colleen,
    After living in Vegas for 11 years--going back now kills me with the heat. Glad you survived and had fun with family.
    Congratulations on blogging for By your Hands! You will be great at it!
    Happy to hear the weather has been cooperating too for your shows!
    Enjoy your day,

  2. I heard that Vegas set a record for the heat this week at 112*. I'll bet you were glad to be home. It had to feel like you were walking into an oven.

    Congratulations on your guest blogger venture.

  3. Welcome home! Glad you survived the heat and that you got to see your new grand-niece, hope her problems are behind her now, the poor wee thing. Congratulations on your new writing venture, I'll watch for your posts Colleen on By Your Hands and continued good luck with your summer sales! Deb


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