Monday, December 30, 2013


I use to love doing scavenger hunts when I was a kid (which was many, many moons ago!). How about you?

Well the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team is having a scavenger hunt!! It is all about 100% handmade. So many things you purchase these days are factory produced and do not have the special handmade touch, so the OFG team would like for you to join us in our About Page scavenger hunt. 

Starting the first of the year Etsy shop owner's will be required to have "About Pages" in their shops. This is to help the customer get to know the artisan that is making the items you will be purchasing. Puts a little individualism to the shop. So....the OFG team is having this scavenger hunt. 

Starting January 2nd through the 16th, several OFG members are participating in this handmade promotion. By visiting their "About Page" in their shops and finding the clue, you will be able to see what that shop is offering. There will be discounts, free shipping and much more. Just depends on what that shop is offering. 

So just click on over to the Old Farmhouse Gathering Blog. There will be a list of all participating shops starting January 1st. You can find me HERE to learn a little bit more about me and see where my items are made. Should be I hope to see you there! :)

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  1. Awesome post, Colleen! Can't wait for this promotion to start!



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