Monday, January 27, 2014


Time for another installment of  "Girlfriend Wisdom" by Jody Houghton. I love reading all of her "wisdom" stories. This one is called HOPE.


Hello! My name is HOPE. I have gathered some fabric and thread. My plan is to create a quilt for my girlfriends FAITH and CHARITY. 

Hopefully, it will turn out as special as my mind's-eye thinks it will be. Hopefully, my colors are pleasing. Hopefully, the pattern I am making will be quick and easy. Hopefully, all my seams will match. Hopefully, I can get it finished on time. Hopefully, my girlfriends will love it. 

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. Being filled with hope is good, but just being hopeful will not get the project complete. Being diligent, focusing, and sitting down at my sewing machine is the only way to finish my project. However, hope is very important because it is the power that will motivate me, encourage me, and excite me to keep working until I can wrap my gift and present it. 

My GIRLFRIEND WISDOM is to pay attention to all of your hopes and all of your dreams. Be your own cheerleader! Turn up the power on your desires with hope-filled thoughts and words. Hope is the strong yet unseen hero behind our best work and deepest desires.

Ok, I'm ready to begin my quilt! I know it is going to be wonderful!                                                                               Reprinted by permission from The Country Register of Minnesota

These stories always lift my spirits and give me that good fussy feeling! Guess I need to get busy quilting now. :)  

Enjoy your day and live your dreams! :)

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  1. Love this post, Colleen! "Hope" you get lots of time to work on your quilt! By the way, my new rug mug came in the mail yesterday! It is so adorable...and just perfect for a cup of hot tea on these frigid Maine mornings! Thank you so much!


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