Monday, February 17, 2014


Winter up north can be cold and locked in ice this time of year, but there also are some really wonderful things going on up here. One of them is all the visitor's I get at the bird feeders! I just love my birds! I always say that "birds are God's gift to man".  My favorite winter birds are the Chestnut Chickadees. They are so cute and friendly. I have 3 varieties of Chickadees, but the Chestnut's are my favorite. I think it is because they are so little (only about 3 inches tall!) and so very friendly. I can be standing right by the feeders putting food in them and they just sit there and talk to me. :)


We also have the  Boreal Chickadees....they are just busy little birds. I put these peanut block out and they just love them! The Black Cap Chickadees love the sunflower seeds!


Then there is this new species of bird up here in Alaska....they are called the "mooseobins". :) We are visited by them quite often. They love the sunflower seeds also! They come and lick this feeder dry!


Unlike the lower 48, we have had a mild winter. We had a few feet of snow on the ground the first of January, but then the rains came and melted a lot of it away so we have been able to see the ground for several weeks now. Usually we don't see dirt from November to April so we have been enjoying it. :) Good thing is that so much of the snow is already gone so when spring comes (we call it break-up up here) we won't have so much water around which will just suit me fine! 

So.....everyone down there stay warm if you can and hopefully you are visited by lots of birds too! :) 

Have a great day! :)

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  1. LOL, mooseobins, you are too funny! Now we have deerobins eating at our feeders here but can't say as I've seen any mooseobins in these parts. Sounds like you are having much the same winter as we are having and I'm not complaining looking at what they are going through back East! Enjoy your fine feathered (and furred!) friends. Deb


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