Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year Is Here

Whew......finally got through all the holiday festivities. Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. So I am starting on my to-do list of things I want to get done this winter. We got one done yesterday. My poor sewing room had about 8 years of fiber dust all over the walls and it was just terrible in there so my hubby helped me by getting his compressor out and blew the walls all down and then put his big shop air filter in there and sucked all the dust up. Now it is just soooooo clean! :)

sewing room

I took a look at my ironing board and the cover is really bad so I thought I really need to do something with it. Now the other day on my Facebook there was this posting about making a new iron board cover. I wonder how I get some of these postings??? Anyway I thought you might like to see it also. I may give it a try. SaraphymHandmade has the tutorial. Looks like you can get it as a PDF or on Craftsy. I did the PDF and it was fine. to do some more of my to-do list. :)

Happy sewing!

Colleen :)


  1. Your ironing board looks great! So wonderful when you can do it yourself. Mine needs a new cover too, it's on my to do list. Yay for a dust free craft room!

  2. You are off to a wonderful start Colleen, wishing you and yours a New Year filled with joy! Deb xo


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