Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hi everyone. Hope this week is going good for everyone. Do you like to collect antiques? I know I do. We actually use to have an antique business and sold American country primitives and refinished antique furniture. We did antique shows and then actually did open a small gift shop in the town we use to live outside of. The year right after we opened, a huge forest fire destroyed the area and no tourist came through and they closed the national forest that summer so that even stopped more summer traffic. Needless to say not a good time to open a store. Many small businesses had to close including our store. Oh well such is life.
We still like to collect antiques and if you do also I thought you might like to know the top 10 collectibles of 2012.

1.   Crocks – Crocks are the number one collectible for 2012. Crocks once used for canning and storing food, are now used for display.
2.   Quilts/Coverlets – Quilts and coverlets were brought to America during the Colonial period.
3.   Baskets – Decorating with baskets is a simply way to bring warmth to your home.
4.   Wooden Bowls – Fill with items to display in your home.
5.   Pewter – When the Colonists arrived pewter replaced woodenware.
6.   Yellowware – Colors range from a deep mustard yellow to a light butter-colored yellow depending on the location of where the clay was found. Very colorful for displaying in your cabinet.
7.   Vintage Textiles – Look great in a vintage cupboard. Mix and match colors and patterns.
8.   Dough Boards/Cutting Boards – These are becoming increasingly popular in decorating the primitive kitchen.
9.   Pantry Boxes – Colonial women used these to battle the bugs and critters to keep them out of the flour, sugar, coffee and other dry goods.
10. Vintage Cookie and Biscuit Cutters – These are fun to collect and are easily found at garage sales, thrift stores and antique shops. They display well in Mason jars.

                                                                                                                                             Reprinted in part from The Country Register of Minnesota

Interesting isn’t it. It amazes me how every few years the types of antiques people collect changes. I have a few of these items and do love crocks. Looks like I need to add to my collection of stuff. How about you?

Also wanted to tell you….most of the snow is gone!! After being buried in four feet of snow this winter (which is six months long!) we are finally melting it away! HURRAY!! J

 Well off to the sewing room. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thanks for another great blog and recipe. I am glad to hear you are finally snow free. I think Ohio winters are bad...I can't imagine living in Alaska with all that cold and snow.

  2. Yes, we are really glad when the snow melts and we can see the ground again! The worst part of the winter is the darker days and only 6 hours of light.....oh going batty. :)


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