Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry I didn’t get an update done last week. I was off visiting family and friends. Had a nice time. The weather was wonderful. It was in the 70’s and I actually got to see the ground! Up where I live we have snow and ice on the ground for six months out of the year so we don’t get to see the ground for six months! When I did get back we were starting to go into our break-up which is wonderful. That is what we call “spring” as all the ice and snow starts to break up and move out. We actually can see dirt on the road in front of our house. That is always a wonderful sight.

Well I did get two pillows made since I got back. They are lodge themed pillows. I have done pretty well selling these. They make really good gifts for anyone with a weekend cabin or a lodge/rustic décor.

I sell eStitchery patterns on my websites and I have free patterns in the Country Register so I am thinking on doing some patterns on this blog. What do you think? Now, if I can just figure out how to get them on here. That is the trick since I am one of those “non techy” people. I must say tho….I am learning a lot about the cyber world.

Don’t forget to check out our new recipe. We can always use a good recipe for tuna. Also, check out our Food For Thought. Next week I will be posting another article from the Country Register. It will be on the art of displaying and how to achieve the look. Also coming soon I think I will do a word scrabble if I can figure out how to get it all on here. I always liked those.

Enough blabbing for now. Off to the sewing room.  Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Your pillows are fantastic as usual and certainly are just the item to spruce up a cabin, or even a country decorated home. The recipe sounds great, so far I have copied every one.


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