Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well here we are…another Wednesday upon us. How has everyone’s week been going? Was everyone's Easter weekend nice? I finished a couple of stitchery pillows this week. This is one of them. I call her my Annie pillow.

I told you last week that I would be doing an article about the art of decorating your home. So here it is. Enjoy. :)


The way you decorate your home says a great deal about your personality and your style. Follow these easy steps to guide and assist you in achieving the look your desire.

·         Display in odd numbers-Displaying items in groups of 1, 3 or 5 creates a casual, less staged look. Landscaper’s plant in groupings of 3, as it is more appealing to the eye.

·         Add soft to hard-Textiles are a simple and great way to soften a display. To add some character to your display, try draping a piece of homespun fabric out of a crock or add a runner underneath a table display.

·         Use different shapes, sizes and colors-Combine shapes and sizes to add interest; play with textures and color combination. Combine functional and decorative items. Use game boards, cutting boards and breadboards as backdrops. Start with these items at the back of your display and work your way forward. Using dark accents on a light background and vice versa is a great way to make your collectibles stand out.

·         Vary heights-By varying the heights of objects, the eye will flow easily around the collection. If the objects are the same size, try placing some of them on risers of different heights. Old books or wooden bowls turned upside down work great to give your items the additional height they may need.

·         Group like things together-Create a bigger impact by grouping like things together. Showcase rocks or a collection of pewter in a cabinet to create an impressive, visual statement. Hang similar items on a pegboard for a uniform, uncluttered look. People will notice your items more if they are displayed in groups rather than scattered throughout a room.
Reprinted by permission from The Country Register of Minnesota

Be sure to check out the new recipe. I think I will try this one. I always need a new chicken recipe.  Hope everyone has a great week and weekend. See you next week. J


  1. I love all of your decorating tips! We have such a similar interior design style and your ideas are so unique!


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