Monday, March 31, 2014


Well I was busy, busy last week trying to get product finished for the summer market. I am going to be gone for a few days and the spring shows start when I get back! I think I am ready to go. I really want to be finished with the market merchandise because I would really like to get some quilting done. :)

A couple of years ago I started making these tote bags and people seem to really like them. They are fun to make so I have been making lots of them. I needed to add a few more to my stack of them so I finished these last week. 

I wanted something summery so I made this one with daisy. :)

Another big seller during the summer are my mug rugs/candle mats. Up here in the north country everyone wants moose and bears so I make lots of moose and bear things. 

What I like about making these little mug rugs is all the different fabrics I get to use from my stash. I like to match the colors and pictures of the fabrics.

So I am glad I have most of my stuff finished. It gets really hectic during the summer and the last two years I have spent most of my time in the sewing room trying to keep up with product so this year I was determined to have plenty of stock for the markets. Now.....let's hope it all sells or I will have to have a garage sale!!  So...what have you been working on lately?

Have a great week!  :)


  1. Fabulous creations!
    Hope you sale out!
    Good luck and enjoy,

  2. I love those bags!! Gorgeous!

  3. Do you have an embroidery machine? I've been trying to figure out how you got Alaska on there, as well as the bear. Congrats on getting ahead of the game!


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