Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Time for more sewing tips. I have collected so many ideas and tips over the years and some of them I have tried and some are still on my "list". Many tips I am going to be sharing with you on my blog I have tried. If not....I will be trying them to share them with you. :) Here are a few of them. 

I am always losing my seam ripper (and believe me I use it all the time!) so I read this tip and thought....I can do this.  Tape the cap of a ball point pen, open end up, to the front of your sewing machine and when I am not using the ripper I put it in the pen cap. That way I always know where it is.  

sewing tip

To make thread behave for applique or regular sewing run your needle and thread through a fresh folded dyer sheet. No more tangles or those tiny little nasty knots!

sewing tip

When I am changing needles on my machine and placing it back in the case so I know which one I had used I put a thread in the eye. That way I know which the new ones are and which are used.

sewing needle

These tips work for me. I always like to try anything that makes my life easier and simple!! 

Happy sewing!! :)


  1. Colleen - I'm certainly going to try the dryer sheet-thread-and-needle trick! I hate it big time when my thread gets all wonky. Thanks!

  2. Great tips Colleen, thanks! And I'm with Barb, I'm definitely going to try the dryer sheet trick!


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