Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So how was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Did you everyone have a good one? We did. I did my first market for the summer on Saturday and it was pretty good. Usually the first one is slow, but this year was a little better. I sold a few of hubby's burl bowls that are new this year. I think they will do well.

burl bowl

We did have a disaster at the market though. We set up by the river and it can get quite windy there and Saturday we had terrible winds! There was even a high wind warning.


So I am sure you know what happened......yep..............tents flying everywhere including mine and we all have them staked down good too. What happened is a big gust of wind came along and picked the tents up and threw them around. One vendor even dove on her tent to keep it from rolling into the street! Luckily we were all taking down and packing up so all our items were packed away. So needless to say my tent was all broken up, trusty Mr. McGiever hubby as rebuilt it and reinforced it so I am good to go for next week!

Also wanted to let you know that the Old Farmhouse Gathering team celebration is still going on this week so you can click on over here to join us this week. Or just type SCOFG in the Etsy search bar to see all the goodies. :)

summer celebration

 Have a great week! :)

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  1. Oh, no! Flying tents!!! That would have been a sight. Good that everyone's products were packed away tight. Hope you have better weather this weekend.


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