Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We have been blessed with an early Spring this year so we are able to get into the mountains earlier than normal this year. I know many of you had a terrible winter, but we were lucky...we had a mild winter. First one in many years! 

It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we decided to go do some gold panning. My husband loves to do this hobby of his and I enjoy going with him when I can. Normally he does this on Saturday's during the summer while I am working at our local summer market. Sometimes we go on Sunday's, but usually if the weather is good that day we take our ATV's out or go canoeing. The summer season is so short up here that we all rush around trying to get all our playing done before the winter hits again. 

This is the river that we go panning at. This is when the water is down. The snow has been melting some and when the run off gets going this river will be full. 

These are some of the mountains around the area where we pan.

Here is hubby digging dirt by the river so we can pan for gold. He digs the dirt and puts it in that bucket and then I wash the dirt down our sluice box. 

While I was waiting for hubby to fill the bucket with dirt I was taking all these pictures. While I was taking the pictures a bald eagle flew into this nest with a large bunch of grass to put into this nest. I just couldn't get my camera up and focused fast enough to get a picture of him! He flew off before I could snap him, but this is the nest they are working on. It was pretty neat. 

We are just happy that we can get out again. We have lots of plans for "playing" this summer so hopefully the weather cooperates some. We usually have nice weather until the middle of July and then the rainy season comes. :(  Guess we will have to wait and see. 

So that was my fun this past weekend. What did you do this past weekend?

Have a great week! :)


  1. I always thought that panning would be so much fun. It also looks like a lovely place to take pictures!!!!

  2. Weather has been so weird in the West this year. Not sure if you're considered 'west'. I just consider you Alaska! Panning for gold is definitely a unique pasttime! Enjoy while you can.

  3. What fun, panning for gold! Have you struck it rich yet?! I've been hiking in the mountains behind us with the dogs and it's so wonderful to see the leaves coming out and the deer bounding through the bush. Summer is much too short but then again I guess the long winters make us appreciate them more! Enjoy your sunny days and good luck panning!


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