Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finished UFO'S !!

Well it took me awhile (like four years!), but I finally finished a couple of fall UFO's!! It was actually nice to have some time to just do some quilts in between getting ready for the Christmas shows. :)

The other day I was going through the sewing closet re-organizing and found this unfinished wall hanging so I told need to get this done!

autumn quilt

I had the shutters and windows done for years so at least I didn't have to do those. I just needed to pick out fabric for the pumpkins, leaves, window box and house. Luckily I had the scrap fabric to do this. 

fall fabrics

After I finished that one I remember I started this small one a few years ago so I "dug" it out too and finished it.

fall quilting

I had to cut out all the little leaf parts which I hadn't made those types of leaves for years so it was learning all over again! All those little ti-nee wienie squares were horrible! Now I know why this "A" brain perfectionist here does applique most of the time!!  


I think it turned out pretty nice with all the fall colors.

autumn wall hanging

So, I think that is all the fall I will be doing. I made a few of the coiled baskets I have started to make for the local fall shows I am doing. I really need to get started on Christmas stuff. YIKES!!!  Falling behind already!! :)

Have a great week and happy sewing! :)

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  1. Lovely finishes Colleen, fall colours are so lovely aren't they? And yes, Christmas items are traced and waiting for sewing by my machine but I'm having a hard time motivating myself to get started too!


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