Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Redecorating For Spring

For some of you it has been a long winter and I am sure you are glad Spring is here. Now that Spring is here let's get those windows open and let all the fresh air in. Now if you are me.....can't open the windows yet as it is still a little bit chilly up here. :)

It is also time to change things around in the house and get ready for Spring. So let's get started......

1.   Change your dark fabric pillows and replace them with pretty spring colored pillows.

2.   Freshen up bed linens with linen spray. If you have springs sheets and pillowcases available then use them for bedding. 

3.   Spring is time to change the wreaths and ornaments hanging by the outside front door. Use a wreath of flowers for this.

4.   Place flower scented candles or wax melters around the house. This will give your home a springy smell. I actually have my melter going all the time. I do turn it off in the summer since I have the windows and door open most of the time. Oh my.....look at that messy kitchen! LOL! :)

candle melter

5.   Sweep all the dirt and debris from your front porch and back decks and bring out the patio furniture. Yep....this is a mess....needs sweeping. 

springs cleaning

6.   Bring out those birdhouses that you packed away and put them on your mantel or shelves. If you are like me I don't have any spare birdhouses and I feed my little feathered friends all year long outside. :)


7.   Get those spring bath hand towels from the back of the linen closet and use them in the bathroom now. This is what I do and it always makes the bathroom very springy. 

8.   And the one I like the best is.....have a vase or bowl of spring flowers. If you are lucky enough to have tulips and daffodils bring them indoors! Oh how I wish I had these in my yard.  :)


So let's get busy and bring springtime into the house! 

Happy decorating and have a wonderful day!

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