Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Fabrics

I have lots of fabrics and I love to buy fabrics! Yep.....just like most quilters and sewers. Well I was thinking the other day....I really love to buy fabrics and I know I will never have the time to make everything that I want to so, I thought why not start selling some of these fabrics to all of you. So.........I added another section to my Etsy store and I am now offering fabrics for sale. 

If you are like me you visit your local fabric store many times a month and then the fabric gets to be the same things you see all the time. If the owner doesn't get new fabrics you have the same fabrics to choose from. This happens to me so I start to look elsewhere for fabrics. Recently I spent a week with my daughter in Minnesota and we visited some quilt shops and you want to talk about a kid in a candy store!! There were new fabrics everywhere!!!! I couldn't believe it!! So needless to say I was a shopping fool. LOL! :)  

I have fabrics listed in my shop now and I am always on the search for new and exciting fabrics to bring to you that you may be able to use on those projects you are working on. :)

Here are a few I have listed and here is the link to my section in my Etsy store so you can see what I have. I have by the yards and fat quarters. :) My Fabrics in my shop. 

I love these blue birds. They are so colorful!

bird fabric

Beautiful silhouette of a cabin and trees. I think this would be really neat for a small quilt. 

night sky fabric

I bought this thinking of some fall projects that could be done with it. 

autumn fabric

I also have several fat quarter bundles of all designs. 

fat quarter fabric

I just love all the colors and prints of fabrics! Wish I had the time to make something out of every fabric design there is. :)  Thanks for stopping by and letting me show you all the new fabrics I have for sale. Please visit when you can....My Fabrics.

Happy sewing! :)

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