Friday, May 29, 2015

The Babies Are Here!

This time of year is so neat around here. All the babies show up!! These were walking down my driveway this morning! Pretty soon all the baby birds will be coming around the feeders too. My hubby was driving the other day and the caribou and their babies crossed the road! Love springtime!

Have a wonderful day!

Colleen :)


  1. So darn cute! We've had a mother moose and twins hanging out in the city limits the past two years. The twins are awfully big now. Very fun to see them out your front door. Enjoy your spring - I'll bet summer is kind of like a blink of the eye in your area.

  2. So adorable!
    I really miss the deer and elk in Colorado.

  3. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to, look at all those long legs! Haven't spotted any little ones here yet but I'm sure they are about, hope to see them soon too. Thanks for sharing this adorable picture Colleen.


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