Monday, May 16, 2016


Went on a shopping trip again last week! I just love to buy all this fabric! It really makes me feel good...HA!HA! :)  Anyway I thought I would show you some of the fabrics I bought. Beings 4th of July is coming soon I also stocked up on Americana fabrics. You can see all my new fabrics here from my Etsy shop. :)

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this fabric!! Of course you know it has to do with SEWING!! I use to have an old treadle machine that had an old machine like these. And I do love all antiques. :)

sewing fabric

These vintage bicycles are so neat. Takes you back to the "olden" days. :)

bicycle fabric

Country is great for decorating. I wonder if there are very many people that still decorate with a country decor....hmmmmmmmmmmm? Anyway....I really liked this country sign fabric with all the animals on it. I thought this fabric would be great for placemats. I may actually take some of that fabric and make some. :)

country fabric

And like I said......4th of July is coming so I stocked up on Americana fabrics. Here are two of the one's that I picked out. Get busy with those patriotic sewing projects. :)

Thanks for visiting and happy sewing! 

Colleen :)

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