Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wonderful Visitor's!!

So I was talking my walk the other day which I take out on my road and when I was walking back down the road towards my front yard I saw I had visitor's. :) We get this herd of caribou in the spring and fall. In the spring they are migrating through to their birthing grounds to have their babies. They always like to stop by our house and eat the grass out front. 

So I was walking really, really slow so I wouldn't spook them and so I could get pictures of them. They kept looking at me, but they didn't seem bothered at all. 

I got to the end of the driveway and they were still there eating. I couldn't believe they didn't move off. Soooooo.....I am am I going to get to my house. My driveway runs right by where they were feeding. 

After I stood out on the road for about 20 minutes telling them that they really needed to move off so I can get to my house, what do they do..............they lay down!!!

I thought how do it get back. So I sneaked around the garage and slithered in by the house and when I went up the stairs on the deck they were still just laying there looking at me. Normally they just move off when they see people. Guess they really liked my new grass. They laid there for over an hour and finally moved off. They returned a few time during the next few days, but I think now they have move back into the fields. We will see them again in the fall when they are moving to their winter ground. :)

Just thought you might like to see them. Have a great day!

Colleen :)


  1. How fun!!! I've never seen one before.

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing. We don't have caribou in Australia. How luckymyou were to see them so close, even luckier they chose your yummy grass. It always makes me happy when I see wildlife.

  3. That is so neat! We had elk and deer that would visit us all the time in Colorado, something I really miss.


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