Saturday, February 14, 2015

NEW LOOK FOR MY BLOG!! is one of my new designs for my blog!! I am sooooooooooooo excited about it. I was really getting tired of my old one and just didn't like the way the backgrounds were so I told myself........self.....why not have some backgrounds custom made for you. :)

With that in mind of course who else to turn to but Deena at Ewe-N-Me Printables!! She does just amazing graphics. I have worked with Deena when she was running the By Your Hands Blog  and I love all her printables and graphics and as some of you know she does all the graphics for the Old Farmhouse Gathering celebrations (which one is coming up shortly.....more on that later) and does such a great job. 

I love all the different season and colors of the seasons so she is making me several different backgrounds celebrating the seasons and some holidays. This is the first one as Spring is almost here so we started with spring. I love all the colors she choose to use and the little butterflies and flowers. We worked back and forth on some of the design and this is what we came up with. And she also got my little sewing machine in there too! :)

So.....what do you think of my new design? Can't wait to see what she comes up with on the other ones. 

So if you are thinking about changing your blog or just need some graphics and printables I highly recommend Deena. Check her website here

Thanks Deena!


  1. I love your new look! Like a breath of spring.

  2. Purple is my favorite color, so I totally love your new look LOL! The green goes well with the purple, good combo. I also love how "springtime" it looks now!
    Blessings, Jessica

  3. Absolutley gorgeous Colleen, love the lime green and purple, so spring like! Deena is so very talented, isnt' she? Can't wait to see what the rest of your blog BG's will look like!

  4. Fabulous and so bright! Love it!! Feels like Spring!
    Love Deena's talent!

  5. I love your new look! Deena does wonderful work!!!

  6. I'm not sure how I missed this post! I love your new look Colleen!

    To everyone else... thank you for all the compliments. I sure appreciate them. :)



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