Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time For Tips.....

I get LOTSSSSSSS of quilting magazines and over the years I probably have enough magazines to wallpaper my entire house!!! Most of them always have a page of tips and I keep a running log of these tips. Some of them I actually try and they do work. Here are a few that I read in my American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine that I thought you might like. 

quilting tips

  • When working on a quilt project safety pin a scrap of batting to your shirt and put any stray threads from your quilt top, sewing table or floor onto the batting scrap. This saves time because you don't have to throw pieces of thread into the wastebasket. (Now...if you are throw them on the floor and when they get knee deep you finally pick them up!)

  • When threading a needle keep a tube of lip balm handy. Instead of licking the threads so they stay together put a dab of lip balm on them. (Sounds pretty good and that way you don't lick your finger and get all those germs...might have to try this one.)

  • To see what you are cutting when fussy cutting squares use a plexiglass square template which can be cut by your local hardware store. ( to Home Depot!) 

  • Use clothing steamer to remove the wrinkles from a new package of cotton batting. Giving the batting a light steaming gets out the wrinkles and shrinks up the batting a bit. ( I actually use this one and it does seem to work a bit. )

Hope these tips help with your sewing projects.
Have a great day and happy sewing! :)


  1. Great tips Colleen! And I'm with you, my threads get thrown on the floor and then tracked all over the house LOL!

  2. When I'm longarming, I just toss the threads on my shoulder, but then I have to scrap them off. The batting idea is better!


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