Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I know many of us are waiting for spring this year. Seems to be taking awhile for most of us this year. Blizzards and snowstorms the first of May is not a good thing for our spring fever. We still have some parts of our yard that are under snow and the fields still have quite a bit of snow. This spring is going to be one of the coldest on record around here. In the Interior part of the state they are still having below zero weather!

So I thought we all could have a little break from the snow and start thinking again about planting your flower garden. Now I probably won't be able to have many flowers this year as it is just too cold. :(  I read this article the other day and thought I would pass it along to you.


No this is not my garden! :( Just thought I would show you a picture of a neat garden.

What do gardeners do during the winter? Depending on where you live you anticipate spring and the warmer day’s ahead and planning your flower garden. Here are some tips for planning your garden:

·         Take a look at a few photos of your garden from the past year. Look for areas that need additional height or interest, places that need to be filled in.

·         Page through gardening magazines for ideas and inspiration. Take notes on the gardens or landscapes that catch your eye. Or, tear out the pages and add to an “ideas” folder.

·         Do you have thoughts of planning a new flower bed? Cut small photographs of flowers out of gardening magazines or seed catalogs. Glue or tape them onto your paper to give yourself a visual.

·         Collect things for your new garden! Visit your local Goodwill or thrift store for things as old wooden chairs, crates, old crocks and enamelware pans. They will add to your garden.

As we await the arrival of spring, please do not forget about four feathered friends. Keep your birdfeeders filled and keep fresh water in your birdbath. For colder climates where temperatures get well below freezing, a heated birdbath is a special treat.

 This is one of my bird feeders waiting for the summer birds to get here. We have lots of winter birds and during the summer our bird populations triples!
                                                                                            From The Country Register of Minnesota

Got a new recipe for fruit tray dip for those of you starting to have your outdoor parties so check it out! Thanks!


  1. Great ideas if I didn't have such a black thumb. Luckily for me my husband and kids love to grow things!
    Cannot wait to try your fruit dip recipe!
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Colleen, you poor girl, you still have snow!! Hope that Spring arrives for you soon so you can get out into your garden and get digging. Great tips on garden planning, I always start out like a house on fire but then my enthusiasm wanes as the summer progresses! Deb


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