Thursday, May 23, 2013


It is that time of year again. Can't believe it has been a year already! My local summer market season is starting this Saturday and the good old weather man says it is suppose to be sunny and 60 degrees which is unheard of for the opening day of the market. Normally it is cold and rainy and we are all sitting in our areas with coats, hats and gloves on. I sure hope he is right!

I will only have one market a week this year as the one in the nearby town is not happening this year. Last year the city said they were going to remodel the park that we used and we couldn't have the park this year and of course are they going to do that now.......NO! Too bad because that park was right by the river where all the salmon run so in July we had lots of tourist coming to fish and stopped by to see us. I did fairly well there. :(

I have a few new items I am taking this year. I need to come up with new stuff as the locals always stop by and if you have the same things they just walk by you as they already know what you have.

tote bag
These bags did really well at the Christmas shows and I sold the few I had last summer so I thought I would make several different colors and see how they do.  

coffee cozy
I did a few springs shows that weren't very good, but these really sold pretty good so I am hoping they will do good this summer.

mug rug
Going to try some mug rugs also. I don't have the Alaska one's made yet, but that is my mission for next week. The tourist don't show up really good until the middle of June so I should have time. :)

My husband worked all winter to get his supply of cutting boards done as last year for the year (which includes the Christmas shows) he sold 178 cutting boards so he said he didn't want to spend all summer making boards like he did last summer. :)

cutting board
My hubby does three different designs of boards. We call these "mutts" as there are several different woods in them. :)

So hopefully the season will be good. Will have a hard time topping last year as that was amazingly successful, but we will see.
Also wanted to remind you to visit the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team Summer Celebration that is going on right now. Just click here to join us. :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! :)


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  1. It sure does seem like the past year went fast, it just doesn't seem like it has been that long since you wrote about doing the last show for last season. I love the bag you have pictured, and your husband's cutting boards are awesome!! I bet you sell out again this year.


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