Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My my.....where does the time go! It just keeps slipping away from me! I almost missed my blog posting today. So how was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Mine was good. I had my first day for the summer market and I did fairly well for the first day. The weather was beautiful so I am sure that helped with getting the local people out. Normally we are sitting there in the rain and cold with coats and gloves on so the weather was a special treat. The tourist should be showing up in a few weeks.
We took our 4 wheelers down to the beach by our house and did some riding on Sunday. Now......if you are thinking of warm sand and beautiful sunshine and warm water...well you haven't been to the beaches of Alaska! Yep....that is right.....COLD! Actually we dress for the weather with hats, gloves,  and 4 layers of clothes! But it was still fun. What is fun about these beaches is that when the tide is way out there are miles of packed sand beaches to ride and ride for miles and miles which is so much fun. You just zoom along. 
This is a volcano that is across the inlet from the beach we were riding. You can see how far the tide is out.
I have been working on a few new items for the markets. The tourist like stuff with Alaska on them so these are a few new fabrics that I am using for pot holders. The tourist should be coming in a couple of weeks.
So I imagine most of the kids are out of school now. Is everyone thinking about summer vacations? We are going on a small vacation next week. We are going to Las Vegas. I will be 110 degrees! Good thing they have air conditioning or I would die! :(
What are your summer plans?
Speaking of summer.......I almost forgot the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team is still having their Summer Celebration so come join us. I have a few items there. Just hop on over right here to see all the goodies they have to offer. :)
Don't forget to check out the new recipe I have for you. Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. Colleen, what amazing pictures of your beach ride, the view of the volcano is stunning! It must be so much fun to zoom along on your ATV's on the beach, regardless of the weather. We ride ours around here as well with multiple layers of clothes in the spring and fall and yep, it's great fun no matter what the time of year or weather. Good luck with your summer market sales, I'm sure the touristas will snap up your Alaska themed pot holders. And Vegas in summer??!! Eeeeks, hope you don't melt! We always head out on our holidays in the early fall; all the tourists have moved on, the bugs are gone and the weather is still usually very lovely. Deb

  2. That has to be so much fun to ride along the beach and I love the view of the volcano. Do you find anything on the beach??? Shells, rocks?


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