Saturday, May 11, 2013

I want to wish all of you Mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day! Here is a poem for all of you mothers.  Have a fun and enjoyable day!!

Mothers’ arms were made for holding,

Made for folding snug and tight,

Little forms so soft and helpless,

Nestled there to say goodnight.


Mothers’ hands were made for stroking,

made for soothing childish woes;

Balm of wondrous magic healing

Through each gentle finger flows.


Mother’s lips were made for kissing,

 Made for drowning childish fears’

Smiles and kisses both together

Stop the flow of bitter tears


Mothers’ hearts were made for loving,

Made for love no others know,

God in Heaven! Bless and keep it

Ever pure as whites snow.

                                                                                ______Cora Lindsey Field


  1. Oh my gosh Colleen, what a beautiful poem, brought a tear to my eye :O) Thanks for sharing it and hope you had a lovely Mother's Day! Deb


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